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About Us

Jiangsu Skyplant Greenhouse Technology Co Ltd are specialized in greenhouse industry our business sectors include a vast diversity of Greenhouse we are able to offer customized services with our immense expertise and experience Greenhouse types we offered includes tunnel greenhouse gothic greenhouse multi span greenhouse venlo greenhouse serrated Greenhouse and polycarbonate Greenhouse etc Our services can be extensive to meet your requirements and we can following yours in terms of design price quality and shipment As a factory our automatic production lines and effective management ensure the competitive price and quality of our products We know how to save the cost guarantee the delivery...

Categories and Products

Complete Greenhouse

Single Greenhouse

Greenhouse Plastic Film for Agriculture Agricultural PE Film Single Span Greenhouse Agriculture Tunnel PE Polytunnel Greenhouse for sale Long Life Prefabricated Simple Structure Tunnel Greenhouse Single Span Tunnel Film Greenhouse 5-year Quality Guarantee Polyethene Film Double Sliding Door for Greenhouse Gothic Sing Span Greenhouse for Vegetables Flowers Agriculture Single Tunnel Plastic Film Greenhouse Film Plastic Greenhouse For Vegetable Or Flowers Garden Balcony Plastic Greenhouse For Vegetable Easy Assemble Mini Garden Greenhouse Mini Walk In Greenhouse Stainless Steel Structure Mini Garden Greenhouse For Plants Strong Wind Resistance PE Cover Family Garden Greenhouse Gothic Super Strong Family Garden Greenhouse Greenhouse Polyethylene Plastic Cover Film Anti Uv Agricultural Plastic PE Greenhouse Film Mini Strong Plastic Film Greenhouse Greenhouse Economic PE Film Horticultural Greenhouse 

Multi Span Plastic Film Greenhouse

Large 10m Tunnel Plastic Film Greenhouse Large Plastic Film Multi Span Greenhouse Agriculture Multi Span Film Greenhouse 6m/8m/10m Large Multi span Film Greenhouse Gothic Arch Plastic Tunnel Greenhouse Multi Span Film Covering Greenhouse for Vegetables Agriculture Multi-Span Plastic Film Greenhouses Agricultural Poly Multi-Span Arch PC Greenhouse Multi Span Plastic Film Greenhouse For Agriculture Large Plactic Greenhouse For Vegetable Flowers Multi Span Plastic Film Greenhouse Agriculture Plastic Large Multi Span Greenhouse for Sale Tunnel Plastic Film Greenhouse For Growing Vegetables Multi Span PE Agricultural Commercial Greenhouse Large Multi-Span Plastic Film Vegetables Greenhouse Skyplant Large Multi Span Greenhouse for Agriculture Reinforced Commercial Plastic Greenhouse with Equipment Skyplant Film UV Treated Plastic Film Tunnel Greenhouse Greenhouse Adjustable Electric Film Roll Up Creeper Multi-Span Hydroponic Tunnel Film Greenhouse 

Glass Venlo Greenhouse

Venlo Glass Greenhouse for Vegetables or Flowers Polytunnel Mini Tunnels Walk-in Greenhouse Small Glass Garden Greenhouse for Family PC Board Aluminum Frame Outdoor Garden Greenhouse Toughened glass for venlo glass greenhouse Tomato Cucumber Flower Horticulture Venlo Glass Greenhouse Walk In PE Mesh Garden Greenhouse Skyplant Walk in Mini Garden Greenhouse Agricultural Large Venlo Glass Flower Greenhouse 

PC Board Venlo Greenhouse

Velon PC Board Multi-Span Greenhouse Venlo Multi-Span PC Board Greenhouse Greenhouse Polycarbonate covering pannel Venlo Multi-Span PC Board Agricultural Greenhouse 

Garden Greenhouse

Skyplant small Garden Greenhouse for Indoor plant Hydroponics Indoor Grow Tent Garden Sheds Grow Tent Home Garden House Mini Greenhouse For Plants Small Home Garden Mini Greenhouse Cost-effective Pc Sheet Garden Greenhouses Skyplant Round Roof Walk-in Garden Greenhouse for planting Aluminum Alloy Frame Polycarbonate Sheet Garden Greenhouses PC SHEET GREENHOUSE GARDEN ALUMINUM GARDEN Greenhouse PC Sheet Aluminum Garden Greenhouse Poly Tunnel Garden Walk in Greenhouse garden Skyplant Garden Small Plastic Top Ventilation Greenhouse Small Plastic Greenhouse With Top Vents Skyplant Top Ventilation Garden Greenhouse Skyplant Garden Small Plastic Greenhouse Skyplant Walk-in Small Plastic Greenhouse With Top Ventilation Quality assurance plastic garden poly tunnel greenhouse POLY GARDEN GREENHOUSE SMALL GREENHOUSE Skyplant Most Popular Compact Walk-in Polytunnel Greenhouse Skyplant Cheap Agricultural Plastic Garden Walk-in Greenhouse Vertical Tower Growing Systems column hydroponic 

Greenhouse Hydroponic System

Greenhouse A Hydroponics

Homemade Vertical A-Frame hydroponic Gardening system Indoor Single Side Hydroponics Gardening Large 3m Tunnel A-Frame Hydroponic system Garden Plants Hydroponic Net Pot PP Mesh Cup PE Coated Steel Stakes for Supporting Plant Greenhouse Watermelon Fruit Growing Net Bag Fruit mesh bags vegetable Melon mesh bags Double side hydroponic system for planting vegetables Greenhouse Tower NFT Hydroponics System For Vegetables Home Garden Grow Kit Hydroponic System Greenhouse NFT Hydroponic System for Planting vegetables A-frame Indoor garden hydroponics kit Round NFT Hydroponic Tower Growing Systems For Vegetable NFT Hydroponics Tower system for Greenhouse Vegetables 5# Net Pot for Hydroponic System Plant Growing Hydroponics Kit For Indoor Home Garden PVC Pipes Indoor Grow Kit NFT Hydroponic System 63mm Hydroponics System For Garden Indoor Hydroponic Growing Net Pots Garden 3 layers PVC NFT Hydroponics Equipment 

Greenhouse Flat Hydroponics

Large Flat Hydroponics with Soilless Planting 4m/8m Stainless Steel Shelf Flat Hydroponic System Greenhouse commerical Hydroponics NFT Flat Hydroponics Agricultural Greenhouse Flat Hydroponics commercial hydroponics Skyplant PVC Hollow Channel for Hydroponic System Agricultural Flat Hydroponic Commercial Hydroponics Indoor square pipe 3 layer hydroponic system Skyplant Pvc Pipe Nft Hydroponic System 

Greenhouse Garden Hydroponics

Dutch Buckets Irrigation System for GrowingTomatoes Greenhouse Garden Double Side Indoor Hydroponics Kit Hydroponic Microgreens Seed Trays with Drain Holes Indoor MicroGreen Growing Hydroponic System Large Scale Hydroponic Microgreen Rack Hydroponic Fodder ProFeed Growing System 8Pipe Indoor Hydroponics Kit For Home /Garden Home Stainless Steel Frame Growing hydroponics NTF Indoor Hydroponic System for Garden In DoorNFT Hydroponic System for Grow Vegetables Indoor Hydroponic System Grow Kit For Vegetables Greenhouse Hydroponics Indoor Grow Tent Grow Room 100*100*200cm Hydroponic Dark Room Grow Tent Garden Home NTF Indoor Hydroponic Grwoing System Indoor Grow Kit NFT Hydroponic System Highly Reflective Fabric 600D Grow tent hydroponics grow tent grow room for sale Skyplant Nonwoven Fabric Grow Bag For Plants Hydroponics Fabric Plants Grow Bags For Plants Indoor Grow Kit Hydroponics for Plat Growth 

Greenhouse Vertical Hydroponics

Commercial Hydroponic Growing Systems Dutch Bucket Greenhouse Hydroponics Rock Wool Planting system Rock Wool Hydroponics Planting system for Greenhouse Agricultural Hydroponic Rock Wool Grow Cubes Hydroponics Rockwool Cube Tray Rockwool Grow Media NFT Strawberry Hydroponic Growing Gully Hydroponic Fodder Strawberries Growing System Vertical NFT PVC Hydroponic Strawberry Growing System Skyplant Indoor Hydroponic Rockwool Cubes With Hole Indoor Hydroponic Vegetable Grow Seedling Rockwool Cubes Skyplant Hydroponic Grow media rockwool grow cubes Growing Medium Hydroponic Rock Wool Cubes For Seedlings Agricultural Hydroponic Rock Wool For Seedling Agriculture Cheap Rockwool Cubes Aquaponic System Hydroponic Rock Wool NFT Hydroponics Vegetables Vertical PVC Grow System Commercial Hydroponic System NFT Channel System Vertical PVC Hydroponic Strawberry Growing Systems Greenhouse Customized Hydroponics Nft Pvc Pipe To Grow Vegetables Nft Pvc Pipe To Grow Vegetable Greenhouse Hydroponic Rock Wool Plugs For Tomato Seeds Seedling 

Indoor Hydroponics Grow Kit

NFT System Skyplant Indoor Greenhouse Hydroponic Shelving PVC Vertical Nft Indoor hydroponic growing systems Soilless cultivation Hydroponics vegetable planter lndoor Automatic hydroponics for plant Mini Smart Garden Planter Flowerpot Hydroponics Garden flower pot with Led light Led Light Hydroponic Systems Flower Pot Smart Led Light Hydroponic Systems indoor Flower Pot Smart hydroponic led light system 108 holes NFT Hydroponic kit System lndoor seedling frame with seedling trays Flat PP Seed Tray plastic seed tray seedling tray for hydroponic vegetable Hydroponic Grow Systems Plastic Engraftment Basket Agricultural Greenhouse Flat Hydroponic commercial hydroponic Skyplant Black Plastic Seedling Tray in large size Skyplant High Quality Hydroponic Growing Sponge For Planting Skyplant Hydroponic Growing Sponge to Grow the Lettuce Skyplant Nursery Sponges Hydroponics Planting Sponge for Planting 

Auxiliary Facilities

Greenhouse Ventilation Fan

CE Certificated Factory Circulation Fans for Ventilations Industrial Factory Ventilation Exhaust Fans Greenhouse Exhaust Fan for Cooling Ventilation Straight or Curved Rack for Ventilation Motor Gearboxes for Greenhouse Ventilation Greenhouse Continuous Rack and Pinion Vent System Stainless Steel Circulation Fan for Ventilate 500mm Ventilation Fan For Greenhouse Air Circulation Fan With CE For Greenhouse Poultry Factory Ventilation Exhaust Fan Greenhouse Continuous Ventilation System Pinion 19 inch Factory Poultry Exhaust Fan for Ventilation 115V Single Phase Exhuast Fan for Factory Ventilation 19 inch Belt Driven Exhaust Fan for Ventilation Industrial Factory Greenhouse Ventilation Exhaust Fan Greenhouse Shading System Pinion And Rack A-style pinion and rack greenhouse shading system Continuous Rack And Pinion Vent System For Greenhouse 

Greenhouse Wet Pad For Cooling System

Evaporative Cooling Pad for Farm Greenhouse 100% Polypropylene Woven Weed Mat Evaporative Cooling Pad For Greenhouse 

Greenhouse Drip Irrigation System

Skyplant PE Drip Irrigation Pipe Greenhouse Drip Tape-Irrigation for Agriculture Irrigation Micro Sprayer for Greenhouse Irrigation System Drip Irrigation Drip Tape for Agriculture Straight Arrow Dripper for Micro Irrigation Adjustable Radial Sprinkler for Drip Irrigation Angle Arrow Dripper for Irrigation Drip Pipe For Greenhouse Irrigation System 50cm Complete Dip Emitter Curved Arrow Drop Agricultural Plastic Irrigation Adjustable Micro Dripper Irrigation Micro Sprinkler for Agricultural Adjustable Pressure Compensated Emitters For Irrigation Greenhouses Drip Irrigation Tape For Agriculture Factory Aerial Fog System Industrial Humidifier Air Pressure Dry Fog Mist Mini Industrial Humidifier Skyplant Dry Fog Air Spray Mist System 0.6mm 0.8mm 1.0mm Thickness Drip Pipe Emitter Irrigation Drip Line water irrigation industrial solenoid valve For Garden Factory Direct Supply 4 Way Assembly Drip Arrow Farm irrigation systems popular irrigation contol valve of high quality 

Greenhouse Movable Irrigation

Greenhouse Movable Sprinkling Irrigation for Horticulture Greenhouse Movable Spray Irrigation System Greenhouse Transport Trolley Cart for Flower Greenhouse Transport Foldable Metal Flower Trolley Cart 

Portable Sprinkler irrigation system

Greenhouse Sprinkling Irrigation System Agriculture Irrigation Plastic Screen Mesh Water Filter 

Greenhouse Insect Net

Agriculture Insect Proof Mesh Screen 

Greenhouse Seedling Bed

Movable Seed Bed Bench For Seedling Space-Saving Fixed Top Greenhouse Bench Greenhouse Seed Growing trays nusery tray Greenhouse Rolling Bench for seedling nursery Greenhouse Tidal Seedbed Seed Bench Greenhouse Seedling Nursury Trays Tape Tool Hand Tying Machine for Fruit Plastic Seedling Greenhouse Nursery Tray Agriculture Seed rolling bench For Greenhouse Seed rolling bench rolling bed for agriculture greenhouse Rolling Benches with Ebb and Flow System Greenhouse Benches Grow Tray Ebb and Flow Table Adjustable Movable Rolling Nursery Bench Agriculture Seed Bed for Vegetable Greenhouse Hydroponic Trays Climatic Seed Germination Hydroponics Seedling Germination Tray Without Holes Garden supplies hand grape vine fix binder Ebb and Flow Rolling Bench for Seedling in Greenhouse Hydroponic Seeding Tray For Gemination Hydroponic Seedling Planting Greenhouse Plastic Seed Tray 

Greenhouse Sun-Shading System

External and Internal Sun Shading for Greenhouse Internal Aluminum Sun Shade Cloth Aluminum Foil Shade Net for Greenhouse Greenhouse Shade Cloth /Shade Netting / Weaving Net 100% Virgin HDPE Sun Shade Net Skyplant Black High Quality Pp Woven Weed Mat Skyplant Agriculture Garden High Quality Weed Mat Ground Cover Skyplant Hot-sale Weed Mat Ground Cover 

Greenhouse Growing Light

Greenhouse Hydroponic LED Growing Light LED Fluorescent Growth Lighting for Hydropnics Hydroponic LED Grow Light Strip E27 36w Led Grow Light For Plants E27 Full spectrum led grow light LED Plant Growing Light E27 36W Full Spectrum Indoor Led Grow Light Full Spectrum LED Grow Light for indoor 

Greenhouse Accessories

Greenhouse Automatic Proportional Pump

D25RE2 Dosatron for Greenhouse Irrigation CE Certificated Tefen MixRite TF25 Injector Electric Tomato Pollination Tool For Agricultural Using French Doser Greenhouse Irrigation Pump Greenhouse TEFEN Fertilizer Injector For Irrigation System Dosatron Injector for Automatic Proportional Pump Poultry French Dosatron Injector for Farme D25RE2 Inline Water Drive Dosing & Mixing Pumps Irritation Doser Pump For Greenhouse Irrigation 0.2%-2% Range Proportional Pump/doser Applicator Factory Direct Doser Pump Water Power Pump CE Water-powered Automatic Poultry Dosing Pump CE Water-powered Proportional Dosing Pumps for Irrigation CE Chemical Fertilizer Injector Dosing Pumps Chemical Proportioning water power proportional Doser Pump 0.75m Hmax Fish Tank Aquarium Water Pump TEFEN MixRite TF2502 Venturi Fertilizer Injector /Doser Pump D25RE2 Dosatron Doser Water Powered pump Poultry fram irrigation proportional dosing pump doser Doser pump dosing injector irrigation fertilizer doser 

Lock Channel

Aluminum Lock Channel for Greenhouse Film Galvanized Steel Lock Channel for Greenhouse Galvanized Purlin Bow Clamp for Greenhouse Brace Band with Carriage Bolts and Nuts Lock Channel With Wiggle Wire For Greenhouse Skyplant Greenhouse Steel Spring Clip Pipe Clamp Steel Spring Pipe Clamp for Agriculture Greenhouse Greenhouse Connecting Clamp Brace Band Greenhouse Structure Connecting Clamps and Clips Galvanized U Bolt with Nuts and Washers Greenhouse accessories U Shaped Bolt for Structure Fixing U-BLOTS For Greenhouse Connecting Pipes Hot Dip Galvanized Clamps For Greenhouse Connecting Pipe Greenhouse galvanized lock channel Greenhouse Film Lock Channel Lock channel- plastic coated zigzag wire Film fasten lock channel 6m for Agriculture greenhouse 

Galvanized Steel Pipes

Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel Pipe Film Greenhouse Accessories Galvanized Steel Hooks Hot Dip Galvanized Hook For Greenhouse Connecting Pipe Greenhouse Galvanzied 25mm Hoop For Structure Greenhouse Galvanzied Hoop 32mm 

Plastic Coated Steel Wire

Greenhouse Spring Clips For Round Pipes Greenhouse clip accessories 

Greenhouse Film Electric Roll Up

Greenhouse Motor-driven Film Rolling Machine Greenhouse Film Electric Rolling Up Motor Greenhouse Film Roll Up Unit Motor For Ventilation Creeper For Electrical Roll Up motor DC24V Greenhouse Adjustable Electric Film Roll Up Creeper Greenhouse Electric Motor Creaper Side Film Manual winch for film greenhouse Greenhouse Film Electric Roll Up Unit/Winch Motor DC24V Greenhouse Plastic Film Electric Roll Up Motor Plastic Greenhouse Electric roll up unit Film Greenhouse Electric Roll Up Motor 

Greenhouse Film Manual Roll Up

Manual Sidewall Roll Up Winches Manual Greenhouse Film Roll Up Winch Winder High Manual Roof Roll Up Unit Side Manual Hand Crank Winch for Greenhouse Ventilation Korea Manual Side Roll Up Unit For Ventilation Greenhouse Ventilation side roll up unit Manual Hand Ventilation Roll Up Winch Skyplant Manual Film Greenhouse Rolling Up Unit Plastic Film Greenhouse Side Manual Roll Up Unit 

Greenhouse Support Line

Single-Span Greenhouse Transparent/Black Polyester Wire Greenhouse Accessories Tomatoes Trellising RollerHook 300m Greenhouse Polyester Film Band Cheap Polyethylene Tomato Circle Clips Tomato Tying Up Twine /PP /Twist twine Greenhouse Plastic Clips For Supporting Tomato Vegetables Greenhouse Plant Hooks Supports With Twines Tomato Hook For Greenhouse Tomato Skyplant Agricultural Tomato Hook with Twine Tomato Trellising Rollerhook For Agriculture Plant Support Plastic Polyester Wire For Greenhouse Galvanized Steel Tomato Hook With Twine Black/White Plastic Polyester Wire Wire For Greenhouse Greenhouse Plastic Tomato Clips For Trellising Roller Hook Skyplant Melon Nets for Growing Large Melons Skyplant Nylon Melon Nets bags Hot Dip Galvanized Tomato Spiral Plant Support Cucumbers and Tomatoes PP Twine/ Trellis Twine Trellising Roller Hook Growing Tomatoes Tomato Hanging Plastic Grafting Clip 

Greenhouse Wiggle Wire

Plastic Coated Wiggle Wire for Double Greenhouses Greenhouse Plastic Film Hoop Lock channel with wiggle wire Greenhouse Zig Zag Wiggle Wire For Lock Channel Greenhouse Film Lock PE Hoops Clamp Plastic Clip Lock For Greenhouse Locking Zig Zag Wire Worked with Locking Channel 1.2mm Greenhouse Film Aluminum Locking Channel Zig Zag Wire/Wiggle Spring Wire for Greenhouse Film Zig Zag Wiggle Wire with Profile for Greenhouse 0.8mm GreenhouseAluminum Locking Channel Zig Zag Profile Plastic Coated Wiggle Wire (spring) For Green House Cheap Zig Zag Wiggle Wire for Greenhouse Film Lock Wiggle Wire And Profile For Agricultural Greenhouse Locking Channel Profile and Pipe Fixing Connector Greenhouse Film Wiggle Wire For Lock Channel Film 

Mulch Film

Agriculture White and Black Mulch Film Skyplant Poly Patch Greenhouse Repair Tape All Weather Transparent PE Repair Tape in Adhesive PE Film Repair Tape for Greenhouse Greenhosue Cover Plastic Film Repaire Tape High Quality Agricultural Plastic Film Tape Solvent Plastic Polytunel Film Repair Tape Skyplant High Quality Blackout Poly Film 

Greenhouse Plastic Plastic Clamps

Greenhouse Plastic Plastic Clamps Agricultural Greenhouses Clips And Clamps Greenhouse plastic Structure Connecting Clamps and Clips 

Greenhouse Dutch Buckets

Hydroponics Dutch Pot Bato Bucket-Skyplant indoor home planting Dutch Bucket Hydroponics growing system indoor home planting Dutch Bucket Hydroponics growing system Hydroponics aquaponics tomato grow dutch bucket growing system 

Roller Hook Tomato Plant Support

Greenhouse Accessory Trellising Roller Hook Growing Tomato 

Irrigation System

360degree impact drive sprinkler for irrigation system 

Plant Support

Power Coated 7Mm Tomato Plant Spiral Stakes Tomato Trellis Line Tips Supporting Cucumbers Tomatoes Grafting Branch Binding tape tool 

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